A personal collection of theatre memorabilia dedicated to the memory of

Harold Lang

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Here is an invitation to share

my love of theater.

     (1) I have thousands of items in my personal archives,

starting with the early 1800s.

         (2) It takes time to scan and cross-reference everything,

so please be patient.      

(3) If there is something you are in special need of,

please contact me.     

The best place to start is with
"A Quick Overview of

The Archives By Date"

And now... ON WITH THE SHOW!

Broadway, Off-Broadway, and New York

(includes Broadway try-outs)

Other Shows; Regional and Foreign


(regional/community theater or touring companies; a few British programs)



(clippings, fliers, posters, letters, misc. artifacts)

Ballet and Dance



Vaudeville Programs and Acts


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