I Could Be Happy:
An Autobiography

Sandy Wilson

Stein & Day / ISBN (1975)

This is a great book about British musical theatre in the
1950s-70s, mainly about creating The Boy Friend. That
riotous take on the 1920s led to a revival which included
Irene and No, No, Nanette. It was also the
introduction to the U.S. of Julie Andrews and Judy Carne.

The story of Sandy Wilson himself isn't nearly as riotous. He
did write other shows (some made it to the West End, most
didn't) and pieces of shows or specialty songs for performers,
but nothing could ever close to the success he had with
The Boy Friend. He gradually faded from view, and this
book seems to be about the "last word" on the subject.
As I write this (2012) he would be in his 80s but I can find
no information for him online more recent than the 1970s.

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