Where She Danced

Elizabeth Kendell

Alfred A. Knopf / ISBN 0394400291 (1979)

Modern dance's pioneers were almost all women.
Here the author looks at the very beginning of
what could be called "Modern" dance, with the
neo-Grecian influence of Isadora Duncan and the
colorful illuminations of Loie Fuller -- up to her
main object of rightful adoration, Ruth St. Denis.

Having wished I could have been (or hoped I was in
a former life) a Denishawn dancer, I consider this
completely logical. Ruth St. Denis not only danced,
choreographed, taught, designed, she also formed a
company and for many years toured it successfully
to places that had never seen professional dance.
She not only gave Ted Shawn (called "the Father of
Modern Dance") his start in her company, she married
him. And how many others? Start with Martha Graham...

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