Craig Theatre

152 West 54th Street; New York, NY

also known as:

Adlephi Theatre (19341940 and 19441958)
Yiddish Arts Theater (1943)
54th Street Theater (1955-56)
George Abbott Theater (1965)

Opening as the Craig Theatre with 1,434 seats on December 24, 1928, this theatre went through a series of changes before being razed in 1970.

It was the Adelphi Theatre at two different periods (19341940 and 19441958) and for a period served as the Radiant Center by The Royal Fraternity of Master Metaphysicians (1940). It then became the Yiddish Arts Theater (1943), but returned to being the Adelphi Theater on April 20, 1944, when it was acquired by the Shubert Brothers.

The theatre became a DuMont Television Network studio in the 1950s and the original episodes of The Honeymooners were filmed for CBS there by DuMont using their new Electronicam system for later broadcast during the 1955-56 television season.

The theater returned to legitimate use in 1957, was renamed the 54th Street Theater (1958) and later the George Abbott Theater (1965) before finally being destroyed in 1970.

as the 54th St. Theatre in 1963

as the George Abbott Theatre in the 1960s, just before being demolished.

Programs available from this theatre:

  • The Town's Woman (1928)

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