Erlanger-Mason Theatre

127 S. Broadway / Los Angeles, CA

Opened in 1903 as the Mason Opera House in the 20s, the Mason
was part of the Erlanger theatre circuit and briefly known as Erlanger's Mason.

Stage Specifications

Listed in the 1907-1908 Henry's Theatrical Guide as having both gas and electric illumination.
Proscenium 44' wide x 32 ' high. Stage depth: 47'. Grid height: 86'. Wall to wall: 72'.

Architect: Benjamin Marshall, Marshall and Wilson, with John Parkinson.
A 1927 renovation was by Meyer & Holler.

Seating: 1,650 seats--2 balconies. Later listed as 1,552.
In 1907 it was listed in the Henry's Guide as 1,400.

In the late 30s, the Mason was the site of a
number of Federal Theatre Project productions.

The Mason Theatre was demolished in 1956.

From 1st St. looking south on Broadway to 2nd Street.
All the buildings of this block - including the Mason Theatre -
were razed in 1956 to build a California state office
building. That building has now also been razed.

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Programs available from this theatre:

  • The Butter and Egg Man (1926)

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