Keith's Theatre

547 117 N. Pennsylvania Street, Indianapolis, IN

location of B.F Keith's, originally the Indianapolis Grand Opera House

(from CinemaTreasures)

Originally opened on September 13, 1875 as the Grand Opera House (architect Wallace Hume of Chicago).
The seating capacity was given as 1,608.

The theatre was re-built in 1907 utilising three of the original walls of the old theatre and it re-opened on
September 5, 1910 as B.F. Keith’s Theater.

The 1941 edition of Film Daily Yearbook lists the Keith’s Theater as ‘Closed’, but it is operating again in
the 1943 edition. The address is given as 118 N. Pennsylvania Street, Indianapolis in these two editions,
but in the 1950 edition of F.D.Y. the street number is 117.

The interior was rebuilt again in 1957 and Keith’s Theater finally closed on July 30, 1964.

- (review of 1913 program listed below) -

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  • B.F. Keith / Indianapolis Vaudeville Program (1913)

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