Orpheum Theatre

842 S. Broadway / Los Angeles

The Los Angeles Orpheum Theatre was the fourth and final house operated by the Orpheum vaudeville circuit.

Since its February 15, 1926 opening, the Orpheum has played host to some of the most venerable names in show business – from burlesque queen Sally Rand, a young Judy Garland (as Francis Gumm) and comedian Jack Benny, to jazz greats like Lena Horne, Ella Fitzgerald and Duke Ellington. The 1960s brought a completely new dimension to the theater – "rock and roll" – with performers such as Little Richard, Aretha Franklin and Little Stevie Wonder.

In more recent years, television, film and music video stars have added another new feature to the theater’s history – location filming. Today, the Orpheum continues to build on its entertainment industry memories and stands ready once again to welcome live performance and many other special events to its legendary stage.

The theatre is named for Orpheus, son of the god Apollo and muse of poetry, Calliope. Apollo presented Orpheus with a magic lyre, with which he enchanted all who heard him with his music. That makes it appropriate that the theatre has a mighty Wurlitzer organ, installed in 1928, that is one of three pipe organs remaining in Southern California venues.

- 1938, from Main Street - (photo courtesy Theatre Historical Society of America)

After a $3 million renovation, started in 1989, it is the most restored of the historical movie palaces in the city.

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