Ada La Mar

singer-dancer / early 1900s

Listed only:

  • NY Dramatic Mirror (pg22) / April 14, 1900 / Parkersburg, W.VA / First St. Theatre

  • Variety (pg24) / November 1910 / Boston, Old South Theatre

  • New York Clipper (pg1010) / 19 November 19, 1910 / Boston, Old South Theatre

    Vol. XVII, NO. 4
    January 1, 1910

    Low priced acts playing New York may use a new legal procedure in collecting
    unpaid salaries, to wit: Jailing the defaulting manager for fifteen days.

    This is pointed out in the case of Ada La Mar. Through her attorney,
    M. Strassman, Ada recovered judgment against James Macagnano, proprietor of
    a moving picture place at No. 180 Thompson Street, New York. She engaged to
    play at that house week Nov. 8 at $17 per week. The testimony was to the
    effect that she received only $2 on account, although she had done fifteen
    turns on Sunday.

    The suit was brought before Justice Dinneen in the Municipal Court. The court
    returned judgment for the plaintiff together with the right to arrest him and
    confine him in Ludlow Street Jail for fifteen days. This procedure Is possible,
    however, only when the salary claimed Is less than $60.


    First Street Theatre / Parkersburg, W.VA / Vaudeville Program / Mon. March 26, 1900

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