Billy Dooley

comic / 1920s

Gangly American comic Billy Dooley was discovered on the vaudeville circuit by producer Al Christie,
who brought Dooley to Hollywood in 1925. Somewhat reminiscent of whiteface comic Larry Semon, Dooley
played dumb sailors and other service men in a series of two-reel comedies with explanatory titles
such as A Goofy Gob (1925), A Briny Boob (1926), the inevitable Sailor Beware
(1927), and A Dizzy Diver (1928). Never able to stand out in a crowded field of two-reel comedy
performers, Dooley played minor roles in talkies until his death from a heart attack at 45.


  • Tulare Theatre Opening (Tulare, CA - 1927)

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