Bobby North

Hebrew comedian / early 1900s


Keith's Vaudeville; Cambridge Chronicle (pg14), March 3, 1906 - Fischer's Theatre; San Francisco Chronicle (pg4)
Fri. July 22, 1904 & San Francisco Call (pg9), July 6, 1904

New York Clipper (pg312)
May 23, 1903
Proctor's 5th Ave. Theatre

"In the vaudeville portion of the bill were Bobby North, Hebrew comedian..."

February 1906
Seattle, WA
Miner's Opera House

"Bobby North in Hebrew monologue, went strong. Mr. North has a good routine of talk and mad parodies.".

Variety (pg22) March 1906
(boxed ad in "Representative Artists")

"Bobby North, Lois Sist "Girl From Kay's" - Success In Vaudeville - material by Aaron Hoffman"

Brooklyn (NY) Daily Eagle (pg21)
October 13, 1907
Percy G. Williams' Orpheum

"Bobby North, Hebrew comedian and parodist, is very popular in Brooklyn and will have parodies
to date relative to the politics of the hour."

Brooklyn (NY) Daily Eagle (pg10)
November 5, 1907
The Gotham Theatre

"Bobby' North, Hebrew comedian and parodist, is another well-known friend in East New York
and was well-received last night."

The (NY) Sun (pg8)
March 21, 1909
Orpheum Theatre

"Bobby North, the Hebrew comedian, will entertain with songs and sayings."

The San Francisco Call; July 02, 1904


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