Burtons Dogs

animal act / 1900s

New York Times; September 18, 1904 (pg.9):

Variety; 1909
Springfield, Mass:

Poli's:..."Dolly Burton's Dogs, fair..."

Variety; 1909
Hartford, Conn:
Poli's:..."Dolly Burton's Dogs, opened the bill, but deserved, better place..."

Altoona Tribune (Altoona, Pennsylvania); March 21, 1910 (pg.11)
Orpheum "Dolly Burton's Dogs is a real big novelty. Miss Burton is pretty, dresses well, and
has twenty of the best-trained doggies in vaudeville. A number of them are prize winners
and their work will win any audience. They come from the Lyric; Dayton, Ohio."

The Scranton Truth (Scranton, Pennsylvania); April 16, 1910 (pg.8)
Poli's: ..."Dolly Burton's dogs..."

The Tech (Boston, Mass); May 10, 1910
Keith's Theatre: "Dolly Burton's Dogs"

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