Connelly Sisters

song and dance / early 1900s

Racine, WS (1912)


- The Inter Ocean (Chicago pg39) Sun. June 2, 1901; listed under "Burlesque Bills" at Sam T. Jack's Theatre
           as a new addition to the olio of "The Bullfighters" -
- Nov. 1914 Variety (pg29); for the Christy and Willis agency; Oct. 25-Greenpoint, Brooklyn, Nov. 1-Young's Pier,
           Atlantic City (listed as "Connelly Sisters 320 W 96 NY") -
- Indianapolis Journal, Vol. 54 #38; February 7, 1904 (at the Grand) "the Three Connelly Sisters" -
- New York Times (pg7) August 15, 1907 (for Aug. 31st Ocean Park Casino enefit performance) -
- Billboard Publications; Nov. 28, 1908, Vol. 20 (at the Harrisburg Majestic) -
- 1909 Variety (pg18) listed Denver Pantages
- (Chicago) Player; March 14, 1913 "The Connelly Sisters are playing the Great Northern Hippodrome this week" -

Pantages Theatre - Ogden, Utah - Nov. 16, 1913

- Ogden (Utah) Examiner; Sat. November 15, 1913 (Pantages) -
- Waterloo (Iowa) Evening Courier (pg8) January 5, 1915; at the Majestic -

New Brunswick Times (pg2)
Wed. May 25, 1910
Opera House

"The Connelly Sisters will be on deck with a singing and dancing act of the finest.
Their rendition is out of the ordinary."

Brooklyn Daily Eagle
Jan. 23, 1912
Greenpoint Theatre

"...the Connelly Sisters, who possess clear, resonant voices, and can shuffle their dainty feet..."

Fort Wayne (Indiana) Sentinel
Tues. September 17, 1912
Temple Theatre

"...with the laughing produced by the clever Connelly Sisters."

The Player
October 17, 1913
San Francisco

"The Connelly sisters are eccentric, and they get by with it"

Salt Lake City Deseret Evening News (pg20)
Sat. November 8, 1913
Pantages Theatre

"The Connelly Sisters, who wear some beautiful gowns of brilliant colors, have a good singing and dancing act.
One of the team is recalled again and again every night for the opportunity of laughing at her tomfoolery."

Cedar Rapids (Iowa) Republican (pg7)
August 30, 1916
Majestic Theatre

"The Connelly Sisters offer a specialty composed of the songs of the latest construction and repartee that injects cheer.
Their wardrobe is expensive."

Cedar Rapids (Iowa) Republican (pg5)
September 5, 1916
Majestic Theatre

"The Connelly Sisters were at a disadvantadge in that they were forced to work in their street clothes because of the
failure of their trunks to arrive. Nevertheless, their singing pleased, especially when they worked double."

Alton Evening Telegraph (pg6)
Tues. August 28, 1917

"The Airdrome has a splendid program this week, with the Connelly Sisters singing and dancing commediennes, in their
latest successes. Both girls are good to look upon and offer a mighty pleasing entertainment..."

Alton Evening Telegraph - Tues. August 27, 1917


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