Dancing Downs

"King of the Clogs" / 1890s-1900s

New York Clipper; December 2, 1905
- Dancing Downs writes : "After playing over two venues on the California circuits,
I have decided to return East. I was formerly known by the name of Tom Doyle,
but hereafter my title will be Dancing Downs.

There are three different circuits here in the West, all of which are good for from
eight to thirty weeks, with the right kind of acts. I open on the Crystal circuit
Dec. 4. at Denver, Col. Have been on the W. A. Weston Empire circuit for the past
twenty weeks, and have found everything fine. There are lots of Eastern acts out
here, and all are making good."

The New York Dramatic Mirror; March 31, 1906 (pg.22)
- RICHMOND. IND. (listed at New Phillips Theatre)

Austin Daily Herald, Friday, May 08, 1908 (pg.3)
- "Vaudeville all this week... Dancing Downs, King of clogs"

Variety; 1909
- Chicago, Feb. 23
    Tom Doyle, well known in the profession as Dancing Downs,
    died here last week at the County Hospital.

Unique Theatre / Los Angeles / Vaudeville Program / 1905

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