Davenport Brothers

comic boxers / 1900s

"The Great Eastern Circus, Museum and Menagerie performed at Fort Wayne, Ind., May 10, and thence through Michigan
into Canada. The following additions have recently been made to the company: the Davenport Brothers and Charles Spencer,
gymnasts; Sam McFlynn, clown; and J. C. Long, the "American Hercules." New York Clipper, May 24, 1873, p. 63.

Circus Openings / April 1884 (from circushistory.org)
Barnum's Greatest Show, in New York City; April 7, two weeks

"The Davenport Brothers, three rounds of boxing, and a brother act."

New York Dramatic Mirror; October 20, 1900

Keith's Union Square:
"The Davenport Brothers did an amusing boxing act and threw In a few
funny falls for good measure."


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