Eight Blue Demons

"Arabian" acrobats / 1920s


"the Eight Blue Demons, an excellent acrobatic turn"

  • Page 44, Boston Globe, December 4, 1921

    (last act on the program)
    "The Eight Blue Demons in ground tumbling and acrobatics made a futile but whirlwind effort to stem the walk-outs."

  • Variety: Friday, August 4, 1922

    (At the Orpheum Sunday) "Eight Blue Demons, Whirling Arabians"

  • Oklahoma Leader: Saturday, October 14, 1922

    "From The Desert Sands: 'Eight Blue Demons', Whirling Arabians"

  • The Morning Tulsa Daily World (Tulsa, Okla.), Vol. 17, No. 18, Ed. 1, Thursday, October 19, 1922

    For the last three days of the week the vaudeville headliner will be "The Eight Blue Demons".

  • The Jewish Criterion Pitt Theater (1923)


  • Palace Theatre / April 9, 1923

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