F.H. Stansfield

"barnyard imitator" / late 1800s-early 1900s

Chicago: February 1987

"F. H. Stansfield is a comedian that does not crack stale jokes and sing stale songs, and his act is full of the spirit of wholesome humor.
He was well received."
(The Morning Oregonian; June 30,1905)

"F. H. Stansfield, Droll Barnyard Imitator" (The Sunday Oregonian; MARCH 11, 1906)

"Many musical numbers are introduced including F. H. Stansfield's original reuben specialty, 'Echoes from the Barnyard."
(South Bend News-Times: Volume 31, Number 351; December 10, 1914 )

"There is nothing remarkable in the sketch, unless it be the acting of F. H. Stansfield"
(Duluth Evening Herald; February 9, 1914)


Subject: Minnesota Stansfields
Author: Kerrie Stansfield
Date: Sunday, July 16, 2000
Classification: Surnames:

My grandfather Francis Allen Stansfield lived in Osakis Minnesota and was one of the two largest distributors of one-armed bandits up and down Minnesota from 1895 through 1945. My grandmother was a vaudeville performer (piano/singing) and they met in Minneapolis during one of her shows. Please contact me if you need more information -- we have several relatives up around the Alexandria area also.


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