Fox and Foxie

"The Funny Clown & His Dog" / 1890s-1920s


New York Times January 13, 1901 (pg18)
- Koster & Bial's (listing only)

Atlanta Constitution; May 5, 1901 (pg32)
- Lyceum (listing only)

Cambridge Chronicle, June 22, 1901 (pg22)
- Boston Music Hall: "Fox and Foxie, the funny clown and his dog"

Atlanta Constitution; August 16, 1901 (pg11)
- Lyceum (listing only)

Chicago Tribune; March 22, 1903 (pg46)
- Olympic (listing only)

Chicago Tribune; March 29, 1903 (pg42)
- Haymarket (listing only)

Variety; August 1907 (pg21)
"Fox and Foxie cancelled their time of the Western States
Vaudeville Association for some unknown reason."

The Day; April 27, 1911 (pg2)
- Today At The Orpheum:
    "In the vaudeville the acts are the Fox and Foxie Circus,
    an act that is said to be as entertaining as it is a novelty..."

Prescott (Arizona) Evening Courier; July 1, 1922 (pg2)
- Elks Theatre (listing only)

Koster & Bials Music Hall and Roof Garden / Vaudeville Program / July17, 1889

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