Frank & Fannie Davis

comedians / 1880s

New York Clipper; November 12, 1887

-Boston World's Museum
"Frank and Fannie Davis, in a favorite sketch"

New York Clipper; March 31, 1888 (pg.43)

"At the (Boston) Museum...Frank and Fannie Davis"

New York Clipper; June 23, 1888 (pg.235)

-The Excelsior Music Hall: (listing only)

New York Clipper; October 2, 1888 (pg.463)

- advertisement for Kelly, Murphy, Foster & Hughes' International Star Co.
    including "Frank and Fannie Davis, Character Sketch Team"

New York Clipper; February 5, 1889 (pg.742)

-Harlem Casino (NYC)
" the olio were... Frank and Fannie Davis in 'The Old Veteran"

The Evening Telegram (NYC); Tuesday, February 5, 1889.

-"A Great Variety Show at Tony Pastor's"
"The fun was kept up by Frank and Fannie Davis in ''Malonie's Night On."

New York Clipper; February 9, 1890 (pg.766)

-Tony Pastor's Theatre (NYC)
"Frank and Fannie Davis "got there" In a bright sketch, which gave them well improved opportunities...

New York Clipper; July 18, 1891 (pg.316)

-Mammoth Pavillion (NYC)
"Fannie Davis, of Frank and Fannie Davis, has hired the tent for July 1st,
when she will take a benefit.

Mrs. Davis has been ill for nearly two years. She will undoubtedly have a
large audience, as the list of volunteers includes some of the best known
vaudeville people.

Tony Pastor's 14th Street Theatre / NYC / Vaudeville Program / November 18, 1889

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