Gertrude Hoffman

ballet dancer / early 1900s

Boston Post (pg33)
Sat October 3, 1908
Majestic Theatre

- "The Mimic World' will come to the Majestic, bringing Gertrude Hoffman.."

"One of the biggest sensations of the present theatrical season will undoubtedly be the appearance
of Gertrude Hoffman, the original, in America, and greatest of all the Salome dancers, who comes to
the Majestic with the new Casino musical review 'The Mimic World." This aggragation opens a fortnight's
engagement in Boston tomorrow night..."

Variety January 1, 1910
Gertie Hoffmann's New Act
(Atlantic City, Dec. 29)

"Gertrude Hoffmann opens at Young's Pier, Monday, in a new act.
If successful, it will be offered for further time."

- Indianapolis Star - Wed. September 13, 1911 -

- Berkeley (CA) Daily Gazette (pg3) / Sat. November 21, 1914 -

- Boston Sunday Globe (pg44) / March 25, 1917 -

Brooklyn Life (pg14)
December 3, 1921
Orpheum Theatre

"This coming week Gertrude Hoffman, America's foremost dancer, will present herself and her new American ballet
in a swiftly moving, richly staged dance production. At the Orpheum she will present sixteen exquisite young
young dancers recruited from all over the United States. It will be a native American balet with Miss Hoffman
as ballerina."

(NY) syracuse Herald (pg12)
Sun. March 26, 1922
"Miss Hoffman Will Aid Dancing Class"

Famous Classical Dancer to have Morning Auditions

"The appearance of the famous classical dancer Gertrude Hoffman and her American ballet at Keith's this
week will probably have a stimulating effect on the B.F. Keith dancing class of this day. There are now
250 pupils in the local organization who are rehearsing daily under the direction of Mrs. F.P. Milla.
Miss Hoffman will give morning audition in the theatre for the class.


- Bristol (PA) Bucks County Gazette (pg3) / Fri. May 29, 1925 -


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