Hub Adams

vaudeville comedian / 1920s

The Breckenridge American; Breckenridge, TX / Vol. 11 #199 (p.3) - Wednesday, July 22, 1931

Song and Dance Foursome Coming To Palace 2 Days

"The 'Song and Dance Foursome' which is a personal appearance of four of the outstanding song and dance
artists in the Southwest, will open a 2-day engagement at the Palace Theatre, beginning tomorrow on the
same program with the feature film Transgression starring Kay Francis.

The Personnel of the 'Song and Dance Foursome' features George Webb and Hub Adams, a pair of well-know
stage and radio stars, and Mary Helen Wheeler, petite brunette, dancer of all the modern dances and
Minette, dainty blonde specialty dancer who presents a difficult and intriguing tap toe dance. All
these performers are well known in the Southern Publix theatres with numerous engagements in other
prominent theatres.

George Webb and Hub Adams have long been features of radio station WFAA and are at present features
of station WRR, Dallas. The Misses Wheeler and Minette have recently toured the Publix and RKO circuits.
Manager Hughes of the Palace Theatre announces that the personal appearance of these artists have been
made through special bookings from the Publix New York office."

c. 1925 Empress Theatre Vaudeville-Film Flier

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