Mr. & Mrs. Jimmy Barry

(aka "Jimmie Barrie")

comic act / 1900s-1920s

Mr. & Mrs. Jim Barry - illustration from
A Pictorial History of Vaudeville

The Actors' Birthday Book:
      An Authoritative Insight Into the Lives of the Men and Women of the Stage Born Between January 1 and December 31

By Johnson Briscoe (Moffat, Yard, 1907)

Sept. 9th: Jimmy Barry

"Lovers of vaudeville, and no theatregoers are more exacting, more discriminating than they, have few favorites to whom they are more loyal than Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Barry. This clever couple have been music hall favorites for the past eight years, and each season finds them progressing more and more in the public's esteem, for they have always maintained a high standard, which has long been the envy of less talented players.

But to keep the faith with the public, with the interjection of the new, clever stuff into their act, has always been their watchword and by this simple process they have advanced to a position not given to many in the vaudeville field. Jimmy Barry is an original comedian if ever there was one. His style of humor is broad, wholesome and above vulgarity, and he gains his humorous points by legitimate, clean methods. He had an excellent training on the dramatic stage, having been identified with several of the leading stock companies before his vaudeville debut, and this experience has been of great aid to him in his present line of work.

Mr. Barry generally portrays the part of a country boy in their various sketches, all of which he has written himself, and in the title of their latest sketch, 'The Village Cut-Up,' which they presented in the season of 1906-07, he had exceptionally good opportunities for his eccentric comicalities.

He long ago learned that clowning buffoonery is not the route that leads to success in vaudeville, and the hearty laughs that greet him at every performance shows that the public is appreciative of that fact."

Tony Pastor's - April 1900
London Era; April 14, 1900 (pg18)

New York Tribune (October 03, 1901, pg.14)
- (listing: Tony Pastor's)

Variety 1908
New Acts Next Week: Initial Presentation, First Appearance

     or Reappearance in New York City. - Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Barry (New Act), Colonial Theatre

The Stage Year Book 1911 (Price: One Shilling Net)
- British Representative: Henry Carlton, Broadmead House
- Business Management Undertaken for First-Class Acts
- (listed) Mr. & Mrs. Jimmy Barry

WASP (January 1915)
San Francisco Alcazar Theatre
- "Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Barry presenting 'The Rube."

The New York Clipper (January 1918)
- Indianapolis (listing at Keith's Theatre)

Philadelphia Evening Public Ledger (January 11, 1919, Night Extra, pg.11)
- B.F. Keith's (Chestnut below 12th Street)
An Unusual Group of Vaudeville Stars!
- Mr. & Mrs. Jim Barry presenting "The Burglar"

The New York Clipper; March 10, 1920 (pg.19)
- "Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Barry... appeared at the Sunday concert performance in the Century Theatre."

1909 B.F. Keith 5th Avenue Theatre Vaudeville-Kinetograph Flier

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