Manuel and Marita Viera

"and their Society Monkeys" / 1940s-60s

Make Mine Laughs (1949)

MPAA Ratings: Premiere Info: Los Angeles opening: 11 Aug 1949
Black and White Distributions Co: RKO Radio Pictures, Inc.

from Internet Movie Database comments:

"...Most of the acts were pretty corny by today's standards. ...However there were a couple of pieces which were very entertaining. Primary among these were Manual & Marita Viera's Society Orchestra, a trained monkey act. The two monkeys, dressed in suits, are playing bongos and piano when the curtain comes up. The monkeys are subsequently seen doing hammily dramatic facial expressions, doing a headstand, tunelessly playing a ukelele & piano, rapidly changing hats, playing a real tune on a touch activated electronic musical intrument, smiling, and finally engaging in a banana-eating contest where their cheeks puff out dramatically on being stuffed with bananas. It's not classy or sophisticated entertainment, and I'm embarrassed that I enjoyed it, but it's very funny even today."

Billboard Mar 18, 1950

"Manuel and Marita Viera's Society Monkeys obtain excellent results with maracas,
diminuative banjo and piano on a rumba tune. The ludicrous funsters are polished
funsters and one of the monk's Solovox pounding of "People Will Say We're In Love"
was a decided hit."

Billboard / May 27, 1950 "Manue and Marita Viera, on in two, drew big laughs witht heir two-monkey act.
The fact that one of the animals didn't follow cues, and blew a Solo-Vox bit,
helped more than it hurt. The resultant laughs were wonderful.

The Milwaukee Sentinel - Jun 1, 1952

"Monkey Business As Usual" "Two Sophistacated Simians, Tippy and Cobina, have good jobs - and mink coats -
but are tempermental and don't speak to each other."

- Cobina -

Page 21, Montana Standard, May 10, 1963: "Tippy and Covina, Popular Chimp and Monkey TV and Night Club Entertainers Presented by Their Owners Manuel and Marita Viera APPEARING FRIDAY NITE SATURDAY and Sunday

Sal Carson: The Life of a Big Band Leader By Jim Goggin
shows the act listed in an ad for Commercial Hotel in Reno; "A Night In Paris" revue / December 1968

1950 RKO Palace Theatre NYC Vaudeville-Film Flier

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