Maud Huth

singer-comedienne / 1890s-1900s

Monarchs of minstrelsy, from "Daddy" Rice to date
by Edward Le Roy Rice (Kenny publishing company, 1911)

"Billy S. Clifford, whose impersonations of 'the chappie' have made him famous the world over, made his first appearance
with Hi Henry's Minstrel's in 1882... He married Maud Haud July 28, 1891 in Buffalo, NY."

Broadway Credit
Courted Into Court (comedy, farce, play with music, revival)
Maud Huth as Molly Miltum

Harlem Opera House, (10/18/1897 - 10/23/1987) - Grand Opera House, (11/01/1897 - 11/06/1897)
opening date: Oct 18, 1897 - closing date: Nov 06, 1897 (total performances: 16)

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