That Quartette

singers / early 1900s

I Miss You More And More Every Day (1906 Sheet Music)

- "That Quartette": Aubrey C. Pringle, Geo. W. Jones, Harry Sylvester, Frank Morrell -

Monarchs of Minstrelsy, from "Daddy" Rice to date (pg352):

"Frank Morrell, the 'California Boy,' made his first appearance as a boy soprano with Cleveland's Minstrels in Los Angeles, CA.
This was followed by an engagement with Selle's Bros. Circus with whom he went to Australia.

Returning to his native heath he next appeared at the Bella Union Theatre in San Francisco, subsequently playing an engagement
with Haverly's Minstrels in the same... city.

Later, Mr. Morrell appeared with success in several burlesque and farcical attractions, and at various times was of the vaudeville
teams of Morrell and Evans and Morrell and Deely.

After a five-year tour of England and Africa he returned to the United States and in 1906 formed one of the original members of
"That Quartette," and continued with them until 1908..."

New York Clipper (pg898)
October 13, 1906
New York Roof Theatre

"That Quartette, composed of Prlngel, Jones, Silvester and Morrell, who have made one of the biggest hits ever known in the
City of New York at the New York Roof, have selected 'Somewhere' as one of their feature numbers for the quartette, while Mr. Morrell,
the tenor, will make a special feature of 'Just One Word of Consolation."

Goodwin's Weekly
Salt Lake City, Utah (pg9)
Orpheum Theatre

"The opening performances of this week's vaudeville bill at the Orpheum was given today. Heading it is 'That Quartette',
sylvester, Jones, Pringle and Morrell, four of the best male vocalists in America, who gained enviable reputations last
summer on the New York Roof Garden."

Billboard, Volume 20
Billboard Publications, 1908

"Billy" Redman, has replaced Frank Morrell of That Quartette. The singers have just returned from a successful tour of Europe."

Listings only: The NY sun; August 26, 1906 (pg8) New York Roof - New York Clipper; November 24, 1906 (pg1062) Toronto Majestic -


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