Ward and Curran

singing-comedy duo / late 1800s - early 1900s

from Ye Olde Timers' Festival brochure (1912)
(Freeport Memorial Library, Long Island)

New York Clipper (pg310)
July 20, 1895
Keith's Union Square Theatre

"Frank J. Ward and John T. Curren seemed to be favorites of long standing, their work coming in for an abundance of
encouraging applause. Mr. Curren still possesses a singing voice of unusual sweetness, and the audience was very
persistant in it's demands, and gave repealed encores."


- The (Los Angeles) Herald; January 22, 1895 (pg7) -                      Lowell (Massachusetts) Sun (pg4); November 16, 1900

- The (Philadelphia) Times; June 30, 1895 (pg15)


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